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17" Tall Hyacinth Garden Stake Lights



Think of this flower light as a 3-D “electric hyacinth” that provides instant color with no watering! It’s outlined with 50 appropriately colored mini-bulbs, even along its plastic stem, leaves and petals, all pre-attached to the metal frame.

50 Light Hyacinth Flower with ground stake. White Stems. Comes with end connector to chain flowers together. Connect the flowers in-line as a border, or stick one or two in a planter. Includes two spare bulbs. 72” lead wire. 17” tall including stake. UL listed for outdoor or indoor use Long life Superbright bulbs - if one goes out others stay lit. Easily assembled only 2 pieces.

1 Red Hyacinth 1 Blue Hyacinth 1 Gold Hyacinth 1 Pink & Clear Hyacinth
COST: $15.99 COST: $15.99 COST: $15.99 COST: $15.99
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1 Pink & Gold Hyacinth 1 White Hyacinth 1 Purple Hyacinth 1 Green Hyacinth
COST: $15.99 COST: $15.99 COST: $15.99 COST: $15.99
Qty Available:  2 Qty Available:  7 Qty Available:  0 Qty Available:  0
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