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35 Green Chili Pepper Lights.

Includes 35 3” Long Chili Pepper Lights. 20-Ft. Total, Length Green Wire. 35 Soft Rubber Chili pepper Covers. 6" Spacing Between Chili's. If One Bulb Burns Out Others Stay Lit. End Connector, Connect up To 3 Sets. Steady Burning or flashing. Spare Bulbs & Fuse Included. UL listed. Indoor Use Only

Stock# Nov25OR

In Stock

35 Green Chili pepper Lights

COST: $14.99  

Qty Available:  4


10  Plastic Red Chili Pepper Lights. Includes Ten 1” X 3” Chili Pepper Lights. Indoor use only. 8-Ft. Total Length, UL Listed.

Stock # Nov17OT

In Stock

10 Plastic Red Chili Pepper Light Set

Qty Available: 7

Cost $12.99


14” Vinyl Light-Up Chili Pepper Bunch. Includes thirty-five 2 1/2” chili pepper lights with a 24” lead cord. Boxed. UL listed.

Stock # Nov24OT

Chili Pepper Bunch Light Set

Qty Available: 7

Cost $12.99


10ft Plastic Palm Trees & Pineapples Light Set, Includes Five 5" Palm Trees & Five 3" Pineapples, Includes Spare Bulbs & Fuses, If One Bulb Burns Out Others Stay Lit, Steady Burning or Flashing, Indoor or Outdoor Use

Stock # Nov11OT

Sold Out

10 Tropical Light Set

Cost $10.99


White Rose Light Set. Includes an 8' light strand and 10 artificial white Silk roses with a light in the center. Light set does not interconnect. For Indoor Or Outdoor Use. UL listed.

Stock # Gard56OT

10 White Rose Light Set

Qty Available:  10

Cost $10.99


10 Count Purple, Blue & Pink Parrots.   Parrots are 5" Long.  Connect up to 3 Sets Together, Indoor or Outdoor Use.  Includes 2 Spare Bulbs & 1 Spare Fuse

Stock # Gard8BL

Sold Out

10 Parrot Patio Lights

Qty Available:  0

Cost: $10.99

10 Count Yellow & Green Bass Fish.  Each Fish Measures 4 inches.   13.5ft Cord With Bulbs 10" apart. Steady Burning or Flashing.  Connect up to 3 Sets Together, Indoor or Outdoor Use.  2 Spare Bulbs & 1 Spare Fuse.  If One Bulb Goes Out, the others stay lit

Stock # Gard5BL

10 Bass Fish Lights

Qty Available: 1

Cost: 14.99

There are more Garden Lights in our Party Lights Section

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