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       Hey how are ya?  I purchased an 8 ft Tigger from you back in December that turned into a fiasco!  I just wanted to tell you of the story that started like a nightmare but turned into a happy ending. 

      For starters, if you remember, the first time I put the purchase in, it was turned down due to not having a paypal account or something to that effect.  Then I updated my paypal and it was turned down again, I believe because it wasn't verified.  Then after it was all said and done it was turned down again because it couldn't be shipped to an APO.  It was right around this point that I contacted you and you were a great help to get this through.  Originally it was going to be for Christmas and then I decided that it would be for Jan 7, "day of the three wise kings" (I think that's how it translated into english) but to no avail.  We agreed to mail it to a friend in Ft Drum NY and that she would mail it to me here.  But since this was going on two weeks, by the time it got to NY, she was on leave visiting her family in Florida till 4 Jan.  My friend got it out to me as soon as she got back, but at that point I had come down on a mission that required me to be gone for 6 weeks.  I left Kandahar at the beginning of January (totally missing 7 jan).  Shortly there after, my girl, came down on a mission as well taking her to other parts for about the same duration.  It was kinda funny how her and I could be deployed and still get deployed away from each other.  Well, we would get mail once a week where I was at and what do you know? What shows up, but this 8ft Tigger.  All I could wonder was how the hell I was going to bring this back to Kandahar.  I didn't have any room since I was living out of a rucksack, duffel and a footlocker.  After leaving a few things and fitting it into my footlocker, I got on the helicopter bound for Kandahar.  I arrived two days before Valentine's walked straight to her office and found out she was still gone and wouldn’t be back till the next day.  So Friday, I unpacked Tigger, ran the extension cord and set him up outside next to her tent.  If you could've seen how out of place this snowman theme, 8ft Tigger looked in the desert, it was pretty outrageous.  My girl came in late that night and came straight to my tent without stopping by her's.  We hung out for awhile and then we decided "she should go drop off her gear" at her tent.  We drove there and I swear you could see that thing a mile away.  We turned the corner as she was saying "what the hell??!" She stopped short and just stared at it for a moment and she knew.  The smile on her face was well worth the wait.  Tigger turned into a "belated Christmas, early Valentine's, welcome back, happy your back safe" kind of gift. 

       Though it was probably the most painful purchase in history, it was well worth the wait.  Again, I want to say thanks, you were a big help getting this done.  I look forward to doing business with you again in the future.  Hope this finds you and your family well.  Take care.















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